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Projects of the Young Academy for Sustainability Research (YAS)

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Transregional dimensions of energy transition International and cross-cutting perspectives on how and in what way commodity chains, infrastructures, policies, and projects reconfigure power asymmetries and inequalities of energy transitions. Benjamin Schuetze, Hussam Hussein & Thilo Wiertz
YAS Podcasts Interviews with researchers, about 10-15min per interview. Different seasons are planned, each with a main theme. First season: presenting the YAS members; second season: on agrovoltaics. Javier Francisco (host)
Exploring greenspace as an extreme heat adaption strategy Exploring when and how inhabitants use green space in their daily lives, their motivations for doing so, and if green spaces are being used as a way to adapt to extreme heat events. Five German cities were selected as case studies, and data was collected using a survey. Rita Sousa-Silva & Chad Zanocco
Agent-based model on land cover "Sustainable and Natural Hazard Resilient Regions" Build first steps to establish a decision support framework to enable the development of sustainable and resilient regions by addressing environmental risks, adaptation/mitigation, vulnerability/resilience, and sustainability innovations. Corinna Köpke & Sahani Pathiraja
Political Economy of an undermined energy transition Publication:Geopolitical economy of an undermined energy transition: The case of Jordan Benjamin Schuetze & Hussam Hussein
Graphic Novel
"Welt im Wandel – Fünf Stories zur Umweltkrise"
Creation of a graphic novel with 5 plots on various aspects of sustainability. The stories are set in the past, present, and future. The aim is to create easy access to the topic, especially for pupils. Sarah May, Ida Wallin, Cristina Espinosa, Matthias Kranke & Javier Francisco
Global Debates on Biological and Linguistic Diversity Investigating the causal impact of European empires on the relationship between biodiversity and linguistic diversity through the combined analysis of historical sources and official documents of international organizations. Matthias Kranke & Javier Francisco

Sustainability partnerships with the MENA

Application for a DAAD-funded partnership network to bring together research institutions, civil society organizations, think tanks, and public institutions active in the wider field of renewable energies and sustainability.Sustainability partnerships with the MENA Hussam Hussein & Benjamin Schuetze
Sustainability discourses in international organizations Examining what and how leading international organizations define sustainability in their official documents via a mixed-methods approach (quantitative text and discourse analysis as well as qualitative content analysis). Thilo Wiertz & Matthias Kranke
H2info: Formation of hydrogen markets Demonstrate the role that green hydrogen can play in reducing CO2 emissions in Germany by setting up a website that allows users to create and explore scenarios (e.g. in different sectors). Thilo Wiertz, Benjamin Schuetze & Severin Vierrath
Politics of legal processes A critical, multidisciplinary examination of the growing influence of legal elements in contemporary socio-environmental interactions, the spread of environmental legal norms across multiple governance levels, and the specific role of courts and the legal system in socio-environmental conflicts. Cristina Espinosa & Rike Sinder
Water resilience building Study on contextual environmental knowledge about water to understand whether and to what extent increased environmental knowledge is associated with a change in practice, for example, to better respond to emerging water disasters such as floods. Corinna Köpke & Luisa Cortesi
Discourses and materialities of Jordanian climate change governance Develop a better understanding of the interaction of different discursive framings and material manifestations of Jordanian climate change governance both in Jordan and abroad, most notably at COP28. Hussam Hussein & Benjamin Schuetze
Red kite Monograph on the conflict between species conservation and climate protection using the example of (the protection/death of) red kites and the establishment of wind power stations from a legal and cultural anthropological perspective. Sarah May & Rike Sinder
Post-growth in textbooks Analysis of how the issue of post-growth is framed and expressed in high school textbooks in three different countries (Germany, Ecuador, and Jordan). Cristina Espinosa, Hussam Hussein & Matthias Kranke
Energy supply security in German parliamentary and legal discourse Examination of the evolving history of energy supply security in the Federal Republic of Germany based on an analysis of parliamentary speeches, documents, and legislation. Rike Sinder & Thilo Wiertz


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