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You are here: FRIAS Fellows Fellows 2023/24 Dr. Ida Wallin

Dr. Ida Wallin

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre
Forest policy and planning group

Member of the Young Academy for Sustainability Research
October 2021 - September 2024


Researcher at the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU). I received my doctoral degree in forest management, policy and planning from SLU and then spent five brilliant years first as a postdoc and later as senior researcher at the Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy at the University of Freiburg. In Freiburg, I did research about a European forest-based bioeconomy, social media communications about forests in Sweden and Germany and flood-risk management in Ghana. My current research focuses on participatory forest and environmental governance, knowledge practices, media communication and transdisciplinary research.

Selected Publications

  • Malmborg, K., Wallin, I., Brukas, V., Do, T., Lodin, I., Neset, T.-S., Norström, A. V., Powell, N., & Tonderski, K. (2022). Knowledge co-production in the Helge å catchment: A comparative analysis. Ecosystems and People, 18(1), 565–582.
  • Masiero, M., Secco, L., Pettenella, D., Da Re, R., Bernö, H., Carreira, A., Dobrovolsky, A. Giertlieova, B., Giurca, A., Holmgren, S., Mark-Herbert, C. Navrátilová, L., Pülzl, P., Ranacher, L., Salvalaggio, A., Sergent, A., Sopanen, A., Stelzer, A., Stetter, T., Valsta, L., Výbošťok, J., … Wallin, I. (2020). Bioeconomy perception by future stakeholders: Hearing from European forestry students. Ambio, 49(12).
  • Ranacher, L., Wallin, I., Valsta, L., & Kleinschmit, D. (2020). Social dimensions of a forest-based bioeconomy: A summary and synthesis. Ambio, 49(12), 1851–1859.
  • Aggestam, F., Konczal, A., Sotirov, M., Wallin, I., Paillet, Y., Spinelli, R., Lindner, M., Derks, J., Hanewinkel, M., & Winkel, G. (2020). Can nature conservation and wood production be reconciled in managed forests? A review of driving factors for integrated forest management in Europe. Journal of Environmental Management, 268, 110670.
  • Trubins, R., Jonsson, R., Wallin, I., & Sallnäs, O. (2019). Explicating behavioral assumptions in forest scenario modelling – the behavioral matrix approach. Forest Policy and Economics, 103, 70–78.
  • Kleinschmit, D., Pülzl, H., Secco, L., Sergent, A., & Wallin, I. (2018). Orchestration in political processes: Involvement of experts, citizens, and participatory professionals in forest policy making. Forest Policy and Economics, 89(December 2017), 4–15.
  • Wallin, I., Carlsson, J., & Hansen, H. P. (2016). Envisioning future forested landscapes in Sweden – Revealing local-national discrepancies through participatory action research. Forest Policy and Economics, 73, 25–40.


  • Workshop on Interdisciplinarity – October 6, 2022
  • Graphic Novel on the Environmental Crises (with Lea Breitsprecher, Cristina Espinosa, Javier Francisco, Matthias Kranke and Sarah May)

Other projects & third-party funding

  • Co-creator: Enhancing advisory services and planning for diversified forest management practices and owner needs in Swedish family forestry. Assistant supervisor of PhD student Anna Karlsson.
  • ForGEDI MOOC - Massive Open Online Course on Gender equality, Diversity and Inclusion in forest-related sectors. Collaboration: International Union of Forest Research (IUFRO), SLU Global, and University of Padua.
  • 2019: International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) Outstanding Doctoral Research Award (ODRA).