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Equal opportunities


Female academics at FRIAS

FRIAS supports the active promotion of female academics. To date, the proportion of women at the Institute has averaged 30 percent, with increases in this figure currently being sought at all levels. The success rate of female applicants regularly exceeds the average success rate in the respective programme. In an endeavour to create an attractive research environment for outstanding female academics, the following measures are being implemented:

  • All selection procedures and bodies honour FRIAS’ voluntary commitment to ensuring that academic positions are filled in a manner that promotes gender equality. Where two candidates are equally suitable for a post, female candidates are given priority.
  • In order to recruit outstanding female applicants, FRIAS carries out proactive searches for suitable candidates. Directly targeting excellent female academics and encouraging them to submit applications has proven a successful strategy in engaging high-calibre female researchers for FRIAS over the past few years.
  • The visibility of female academics is supported by balanced representation in FRIAS’ own media (website and FRIAS NEWS).
  • FRIAS provides its female researchers with targeted information on attractive offers relating to mentoring, coaching and training. Where there is sufficient interest, the Institute arranges or organises tailored courses in house. Such events are intended to professionally support individual careers planning, to impart strategic leadership and management skills, and to promote networking within the academic community.