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Guidelines Cost Calculation - FRIAS Conferences

Last Update: November 2023

Workshops usually start with a Welcome Reception the evening before in the FRIAS Lounge. This is also the day of arrival for participants from out of town. This is followed by the one to three - day workshop at FRIAS. The last working day is usually also the day of departure for participants from other countries. However, other schedules are possible. The cost calculation includes the following partial costs:

1. Travel Costs

Travel expenses will only be covered for speakers or organisers from outside Freiburg and in accordance with the travel expense guidelines of the University of Freiburg.

1.1 Speakers or organisers from Europe FRIAS will cover travel costs up to € 300 per person.

1.2 Speakers or organisers from overseas FRIAS will cover travel costs up to 900 € per person.

In some cases, travel expenses are also subject to 19% VAT, which must be taken into account in the overall calculation. This means that costs of € 357 or € 1,071 must be taken into account.

In particularly justified cases, these restrictions can be waived; however, the above-mentioned costs should always be applied as lump sum costs in the cost calculation.

2. Accomodation Costs

Hotel costs will only be covered for speakers and organisers from outside Freiburg. Accommodation will be booked by FRIAS. Payments are not possible. When choosing the date of your conference, please take into account major events and trade fairs in the Freiburg/Basel area, as these can lead to a significant deviation in accommodation costs from the standard rates listed below.

2.1 Full cost coverage (only for external speakers and organisers): 94 € per participant and overnight stay. Doctoral students and postdocs up to five years after their doctorate are usually accommodated in double rooms. For the sake of simplicity, however, a uniform flat rate of 94 € per overnight stay should be applied.

2.2 Proportionate assumption of costs (for additional participants from outside Freiburg):

For participants from outside Freiburg who do not belong to the circle of speakers or organisers, a contribution to the costs of accommodation can be made. A complete assumption of costs is not possible. In this case, the remaining costs will be charged as a conference fee.

Alternatively, the full accommodation costs of € 94 per night can be charged as conference fees, or participants from outside can organise their own accommodation.

3. Catering Costs

3.1 List of catering costs per participant (speakers, organisers), other registered participants)) The catering costs per participant shall be determined according to the following flat rates: Welcome Reception: 24 € For each working day of the workshop: 45 € for lunch and coffee breaks For each joint dinner: 36 €

3.2 Full cost coverage (only for speakers and organisers) Catering costs for speakers and organisers can be covered in full, provided that speakers and organisers from outsiude Freiburg account for more than half of this group of persons. Otherwise, only the speakers and organisers from other countries can be fully supported.

3.3 Proportionate assumption of costs (for further registered participants) For additional registered participants who do not belong to the group of speakers or organisers, a maximum of 50% of the catering costs can be covered. The remaining costs will be charged as a conference fee.

4. Conference Fee

For registered participants who do not belong to the group of speakers and organisers, participation fees are generally charged, which include at least the following costs:

For participants from outside Freiburg who are accommodated by FRIAS, an accommodation fee of € 94 per day of the event or, if the accommodation costs are subsidised, the remaining amount of these costs. The non-subsidised share of the hospitality costs.

5. Other

The funding can only be used for a face-to-face event. If the corona situation or other unforeseen events require it, the event can/must also be held hybrid or online ( and Zoom are available). It is not possible to use the money freely for hybrid or online events (e.g. care packages or similar). Fees for speakers cannot be paid. Financial resources in the form of donations and sponsoring cannot be used.