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FRIAS for students

Fire_MasterclassThe Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies is the international research college of the University of Freiburg. Fellowships offer academics at the University of Freiburg and colleagues from around the world the opportunity to concentrate on their research project for a limited period of time (mostly one year). Since Freiburg-based professors are released from just half their teaching duties, they continue to engage in teaching throughout the course of their fellowship.

FRIAS is an integral part of the University of Freiburg. The activities that it undertakes to promote research stimulates the university’s reputation as one of the leading research-oriented universities worldwide. The work carried out at the Institute benefits the university’s students in many ways:

Opportunities ot participate in events

FRIAS Lunch Lectures (in cooperation with the UCF)

  • Every second Thursday, beginning on October 22, these lectures will take place in lecture hall HS 1015 in the Kollegiengebäude I (KG I) from 12:15 - 1 p.m.
  • The aim of this lecture series is to offer both undergraduate and graduate students and, essentially, everyone interested a first-hand account of the research projects of the current External Fellows at FRIAS.

Involvement of FRIAS Fellows in regular university events

  • The research projects worked on by FRIAS’s academics not only create new insights that stimulate research but also give a fresh impetus to the university’s teaching activities, allowing FRIAS to enhance the high quality of teaching found in Freiburg.
  • International guest researchers run a number of events or courses for Freiburg’s students.

Close connection with the University

  • During their fellowship, Freiburg-based professors continue to perform half of their teaching duties, while the remaining half is conducted by high-calibre replacements. The quality of the teaching is not compromised.
  • FRIAS provides a number of opportunities for students to work as student assistants or in another supporting capacity. Further information.
  • In the long term, FRIAS attracts outstanding researchers to Freiburg and provides an incentive for them to remain at the university, a task that is essential for maintaining and enriching the already high quality of teaching.
  • The promotion of junior researchers is one of FRIAS’s main objectives and benefits the university’s alumni who have gone on to pursue an academic career.