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Alumni Programme

The FRIAS Alumni programme aims to support the initiated and established national and international research collaborations and networks of communication. Furthermore the programme wants to strengthen the involvement of our current junior researchers in these projects and networks. An overview of the current research foci and the current FRIAS Fellow generation can be obtained from our website at

The programme allows funding of "coming back to FRIAS" visits for FRIAS Alumni of two to six uninterrupted weeks. FRIAS will provide work space at the institute and, after the research stay at FRIAS, will reimburse economy travel costs and accommodation costs up to a maximum of €75/day (up to two weeks), to a maximum of €62/day (up to three weeks) or to a maximum of €50 for visits exceeding 3 weeks. Alumni are advised to make their own arrangements in finding a suitable hotel/apartment and to directly pay for the expenses. Furthermore the participation of FRIAS Alumni in workshops at FRIAS can be supported through this programme to aid the continuation of collaborative research projects.

In order to apply for funding through the programme we invite you to send us a very short description of the project (title and abstract of about 1500 caracters), together with an estimation of accommodation and travel costs.

Please also provide an outline of your envisaged presence at FRIAS, preferably with two optional time periods. Please note that most FRIAS activities fall within the period from October to July.

A current CV and publication list (for those of you who have not been to Freiburg very recently) would complete the application, which should be provided in the form of one single PDF-file at least 4 months before the envisioned research period at FRIAS.

Applications should be directed to Dr. Britta Küst (), who will also be happy to answer any additional questions. Applicants can expect a response within four weeks after the application.

Due to limits in funding, accommodation and office space, please note that only a certain number of return visits can be supported.