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You are here: FRIAS Fellows Fellows 2023/24 Dr. Chad Zanocco

Dr. Chad Zanocco

Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University
Public Policy

Former Member of the Young Academy for Sustainability Research
2021 - 2023


Chad Zanocco is a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford University in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering where he is a member of the Stanford Sustainable Systems Lab (S3L). He received his bachelor’s degree in Economics from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, master’s degree in Agricultural and Resource Economics from University of California - Davis, and PhD in Public Policy from Oregon State University, where he also received a graduate certificate in Geographic Information Science. 

His research explores interactions between human, climate, and energy systems with a focus on how opinions and attitudes shape, and are shaped by, public policy. Some of his recent publications have examined how experience with power outages influence decisions to adopt residential solar and storage technologies, how negative experiences with extreme weather events impact public support for climate change mitigation policies, and the role that physical proximity to energy development projects has in forming perceptions about energy resources.

Selected Publications

  • Zanocco, C., Sun, T., Stelmach, G., Flora, J., Rajagopal, R., & Boudet, H. (2022). “Assessing Californians’ awareness of their daily electricity use patterns.” Nature Energy, 7(12).
  • Wang, Z., Arlt, M.L., Zanocco, C., Majumdar, A., & Rajagopal, R. (2022). “DeepSolar++: Understanding residential solar adoption trajectories with computer vision and technology diffusion models.” Joule, 6(11).
  • Zanocco, C., Flora, J., Rajagopal, R., & Boudet, H. (2021). “When the lights go out: Californians’ experience with wildfire-related public safety power shutoffs increases intention to adopt solar and storage.” Energy Research & Social Science, 79, 102183.
  • Zanocco, C., Flora, J., Rajagopal, R., & Boudet, H. (2021). “Exploring the effects of California’s COVID-19 shelter-in-place order on household energy practices and intention to adopt smart home technologies.” Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 139, 110578.
  • Zanocco, C., Boudet, H., Clarke, C. E., Stedman, R., & Evensen, D. (2020). “NIMBY, YIMBY, or something else? Geographies of public perceptions of shale gas development in the Marcellus Shale.” Environmental Research Letters, 15(7), 074039.
  • Boudet, H., Giordono, L., Zanocco, C., Satein, H., & Whitley, H. (2020). “Event attribution and partisanship shape local discussion of climate change after extreme weather.” Nature Climate Change, 10(1).
  • Zanocco, C., Boudet, H., Nilson, R., & Flora, J. (2019). “Personal harm and support for climate change mitigation policies: Evidence from 10 U.S. communities impacted by extreme weather.” Global Environmental Change, 59, 101984.

YAS Project

  • Exploring greenspace as an extreme heat adaption strategy: the role of context, perceptions, and behaviors among German urban residents (with Rita Sousa Silva)