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You are here: FRIAS Fellows Fellows 2023/24 Dr. Matthias Kranke

Dr. Matthias Kranke

University of Kassel
Social Sciences/Political Science
International Relations and International Political Economy

YAS Fellow
October 2023 - September 2024

Member of the Young Academy for Sustainability Research
October 2021 - September 2024


Matthias Kranke is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Kassel, where he leads a project on the role of international organisations in post-growth and sustainability politics. His current work focuses on global sustainability governance broadly conceived, analysing intersecting social, economic and ecological issues in the Anthropocene, especially the relationship between the norm of economic growth and multiple sustainability challenges. His research has been published in such journals as the European Journal of International Relations, Global Policy, Global Society, Global Studies Quarterly, New Political Economy or the Review of International Political Economy.


Publications (selection)

  • Hasselbalch, Jacob A., Matthias Kranke and Ekaterina Chertkovskaya (2023) ‘Organizing for transformation: post-growth in International Political Economy’, Review of International Political Economy, 30(5): 1621–1638.
  • Berten, John and Matthias Kranke (2022) ‘Anticipatory Global Governance: International Organisations and the Politics of the Future’, Global Society, 36(2): 155–169.
  • Broome, André, Alexandra Homolar and Matthias Kranke (2018) ‘Bad science: International organizations and the indirect power of global benchmarking’, European Journal of International Relations, 24(3): 514–539.
  • Kranke, Matthias (2022) ‘Exclusive expertise: the boundary work of international organizations’, Review of International Political Economy, 29(2): 453–476.
  • Kranke, Matthias (2022) ‘Pathologies of a Different Kind: Dysfunctional Interactions between International Organizations’, Global Studies Quarterly, 2(1): ksab038.
  • Kranke, Matthias (2022) ‘Tomorrow’s Debt, Today’s Duty: Debt Sustainability as Anticipatory Global Governance’, Global Society, 36(2): 223–239.
  • Kranke, Matthias and David Yarrow (2019) ‘The Global Governance of Systemic Risk: How Measurement Practices Tame Macroprudential Politics’, New Political Economy, 24(6): 816–832.


  • Global Debates on Biological and Linguistic Diversity (with Javier Francisco)
  • Transformative talk? The sustainability discourses of international organisations (with Thilo Wiertz)
  • Graphic Novel on the Environmental Crises (with Lea Breitsprecher, Cristina Espinosa, Javier Francisco, Sarah May and Ida Wallin)
  • Post-growth in texbooks: a comparative study of Ecuador, Germany and Jordan (with Cristina Espinosa and Hussam Hussein)

Other projects & third-party funding

  • Research project, Andrea von Braun Foundation (05/2022–04/2023, €26,690): Co-Principal Investigator (with Laura Henn): ‘Growth vs. sustainability: The politics and psychology of a goal conflict in international organisations’
  • Scientific Network, German Research Foundation (11/2021–10/2024, €43,470): Applicant and coordinator for 20 members plus 6 permanent associates: ‘The Global Politics of Post-Growth’ (#466076465)

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