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Prof. Dr. Chenyang Xu

Every year, approximately 50 Fellows are invited to work on their projects at FRIAS for 2 to 12 months in an intellectually stimulating environment. Fellows that have already been at FRIAS before can return to FRIAS for 2 to 6 weeks within the framework of the Alumni Programme, for example in order to finish a project. Furthermore, junior and senior researchers are regularly invited as guest researchers.


Our Research Focus profited enormously from the international team of Fellows and guest researchers at FRIAS.

Prof. Dr. Tobias Schätz, ERC Consolidator Grant 2015, Research Focus Quantum Transport 2014/15

Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research
Algebraic Geometry
External Senior Fellow
April - May/July - August 2014


After graduating from Beijing University in 2004, Chenyang Xu received his doctorate at Princeton University in 2008.
From 2008 to 2011 he held fellowships and appointments in the USA, the last of which as assistant professor at the university of Utah.
He returned to China in 2011 and after two years as Research Fellow at the Beijing International Center of Mathematical Research he now holds the position of professor at that institute.
His awards include amongst others the Clay Liftoff Fellowship, Viterbi Endowed Postdoctoral Scholarship, and National Award for Youth in Science and Technology in 2013.


Selected Publications

  • (with Christopher Hacon, James McKernan) On the birational automor- phisms of varieties of general type. Annals of Math. 177 (2013), Issue 3, 1077-1111.
  • (with Christopher Hacon) Existence of log canonical closures. Invent. Math. 192 (2013), Issue 1, 161-195.
  • (with Chi Li) Special test configurations and K-stability of Fano varieties. arXiv:1111.5398. To appear in Annals of Math..
  • (with Christopher Hacon, James McKernan) ACC for log canonical thresh- olds. arXiv:1208.4150. To appear in Annals of Math..
  • (with Xiaowei Wang) Nonexistence of asymptotic GIT compactification. arXiv:1212.0173. To appear in Duke Math. J..


FRIAS Research Project

Rational Points, Rational Curves and Automorphisms of Special Varieties

My FRIAS Fellowship will allow me to continue my study of various aspects of higher dimension birational geometry.