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You are here: FRIAS Fellows Fellows 2019/20 Prof. Dr. Caprice Knapp

Prof. Dr. Caprice Knapp

The Pennsylvania State University
Health Policy and Administration
External Senior Fellow
Alexander von Humboldt Fellow
May - August 2016; May - August 2017; August - October 2018


Caprice Knapp was trained as a Economist at the University of Florida.  Since graduating in 2003 she has worked in politics, state government, and academics.  Throughout her career she has been focused on the health of women and children.  Her applied research uses mixed methods to investigate outcomes such as cost, utilization, satisfaction, quality of care, and outcomes.  An area of her specific interest is children with special health care needs, including children with life-limiting illnesses.  She has been involved in a number of national and international bodies aimed at children's palliative care and pediatric oncology.  Caprice has published a book on Pediatric Palliative Care Around the Globe, numerous peer-reviewed papers, and technical reports.  While in residence, Dr. Knapp will be working with several on several maternal and child health projects.  An example is a project to track the growth and development of children enrolled in a private school in South Africa that provides a nutritional program.    

Selected Publications

  • Knapp, C., Madden V., Lane H., Gubernick R., Kairys S., Palaez-Velez- C., Sanders L., and L. Thompson. (2014). “Congruence Between Staff and Leadership’s Ability to Adapt to Change: A Study of Pediatric Practices.” Primary Health Care, 4:1.
  • Knapp, C., S. Chakravorty, V. Madden, J. Baron-Lee, R. Gubernick, S. Kairys, L. Sanders, and L. Thompson. (2014). “Assessing Parent Experiences in the Pediatric Medical Home: A Comparison of Two Instruments.” Maternal and Child Health, PMID 24585412.
  • Knapp C., Quinn, G., Madden, V., Sehovic, I. and J. Baron-Lee. (2014).Linking Medical Homes to the Community: A Study of Pediatric Practices in Florida.” Journal of General Practice, 2:2.
  • D. Brown, C. Knapp, K. Baker, and M. Kaufmann. “Using Baysian Imputation to Assess Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Pediatric Performance Measures.” In Press, Health Services Research, October 2014. DOI: 10.1111/1475-6773.12405
  • Knapp, C., Hinojosa, M., Baron-Lee, J., Curtis, C., and I. Huang. (2014). “Does Decisional Conflict Differ Across Race and Ethnicity? A Study of Parents Whose Children Have a Life-Threatening Illness.” Journal of Palliative Medicine, 17(5):559-67. PMID:24720434.

FRIAS Research Project

Investigating Maternal and Child Health in Urban Areas 

In my FRIAS project I will be examining urban health issues of mothers and children.  With Dr. Wittwer-Backofen, we will focus on projects related to child growth and development, child mortality, and building capacity in urban health.  We will work collaboratively with several other universities in India, South Africa, and West Indies.  Through these projects we will be focused on improving the health of women and children in these areas.