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Tracing Narratives of Flight and Migration

Flight and Migration
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Trajectory Analysis as a new Approach in Research and Practice

Trajectories of people who flee to Europe and Germany are complex and contingent. People change aspirations, routes and destinations as they cross different national, institutional and social contexts. Whereas migration studies often focusses on spatially bound migration regimes, trajectory analysis has recently been proposed as a new approach that traces the routes and experiences of people on the move across regional and national boundaries. This project group aims to advance trajectory analysis by improving our methodological approach to and understanding of the interactions between individual trajectories and different social and institutional contexts. We will examine how narratives of flight and migration are co-produced and reshaped in encounters between migrants and different practice settings. Our purpose is to develop a sensitive and critical approach to such encounters, improve our understanding of implications for subjective identities and mental wellbeing, and inform practical work, particularly in the areas of health care and social work.