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After Hours Conversations and Dinner Speech

Dinner Speech

The Dinner Speeches are a monthly interdisciplinary forum for detailed reports about tendencies and developments of individual fellows’ projects at FRIAS. Fellows present their research findings in a way accessible to researchers from different disciplines in order to foster interdisciplinary exchange. They offer a 30 minutes talk followed by up to 15-20 minutes of discussion.

After Hours Conversations take place every Wednesday from 5:30 pm to 6 pm provided there is no dinner speech. One of the FRIAS fellows offers a 10-15 minutes talk on any topic of their choice followed by up to 15-20 minutes of discussion.

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„I found immensely valuable and perhaps transformative the interdisciplinary activities engaging all fellows in this program. These activities were effective in expanding my views and visions about sciences across distinct disciplines, University structures, and beyond. They have increased my awareness and perception on distinct communication styles across different disciplines.“

 Patricia dos Santos, FRIAS Fellow 2018/19