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You are here: FRIAS Structure and organisation Board of Directors Prof. Dr. Marlene Bartos

Prof. Dr. Marlene Bartos

Albert Ludwigs Universität Freiburg
Institute for Physiology I
Director Natural and Life Sciences, Medicine, Engineering


1994: PhD Faculty of Biology / Technical University Munich/Institute for Zoology /  Germany
1991: Diploma Faculty of Life Sciences/University of Braunschweig/Institute for Zoology / Germany

2009-2010: Personal Chair Medical Faculty / University of Aberdeen / Institute for Medical Sciences / UK
2007-2009: Associate Professor Medical Faculty / University of Aberdeen / Institute for Medical Sciences / UK
1998-2006: Assistant Professor Faculty of Medicine / University of Freiburg / Institute for Physiology I / Germany
1995-1998: Postdoctoral Fellow Faculty of Medicine / Department of Neuroscience / University of Pennsylvania / School of Medicine / USA

Since 2015: Temporary Chair of the Institute for Physiology I; Since 2010: Full Professor (W3); Faculty of Medicine / University of Freiburg / Institute for Physiology I, Systemic and Cellular Neuroscience Freiburg (SC-Freiburg) / Germany


2009-2015: Lichtenberg Award / Volkswagen (VW) Foundation / Germany (1.9 Mil €)
2012: Senior Fellow of the Freiburg Institute of Advanced Studies (FRIAS) / University of Freiburg / Germany
2010: Best publication in 2010 by Faculty of Biology 2010; Sauer & Bartos J Neurosci
2012-2015: Schram Award / Schram Foundation for basic Neuroscience / Germany
2012: Most cited review defined ‘Laborjournal’ 7:34; Bartos et al. Nat Rev Neurosci 2007
1995-1997: Postdoctoral Fellowship from the German Science Foundation (‘Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) / Germany
1995: Price for ‘Young Investigators’ of the ‘International Society for Neuroethology’ / US
1992-1995: Fellowship for Graduate Students of the ‘Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung’ / Germany 


Since 2014: Equal opportunity commissioner, University of Freiburg / Medical Faculty
Since 2013: Board member of the Medical Faculty Commission ‘Structural and Strategic Development of the Medical Faculty / University of Freiburg
2012 - 2015: VicedirectorSpemann Graduate School of Biology and Medicine’ (SGBM)


Since 2014: Coordinator of the International Research Unit FOR2143; ‘Synaptic plasticity in interneurons’ (DFG)          
Since 2013: Coordinator of the ‘European Neuroscience Institutes’ (ENINET) Freiburg / University of Freiburg
Since 2010: Scientific Advisory Board Member of ‘Neurex’ (Upper Rhine Valley Neuroscience Network) of the Universities Freiburg, Strasbourg, Basel
Since 2011: Editor, Frontiers / Switzerland
Since 2014: Editor, Journal e-life / UK and e-neuro / US
Since 2015: Executive board member of the Excellence Initiative ‘Brain Links BrainTools’, (BLBT) / Freiburg


  • Sauer JF, Strüber M, Bartos M (2015) Impaired fast-spiking interneuron function in a genetic mouse model of depression. eLife doi:10.7554/eLife.04979.
  • Strüber M, Jonas P, Bartos M (2015) Strength and duration of perisomatic GABAergic inhibition depend on distance betweeb synaptically connected cells. PNAS USA 112:1220-1225.
  • Elgueta C, Köhler J, Bartos M (2015) Persisten dischasrges in dentate gyrus perisoma-inhibitinginterneurones require HCN channel activation. J Neurosci 35: 4131-4139.
  • Hainmüller Th, Krieglstei K, Kulik A, Bartos M (2014) Joint CP-AMPA and group I mGlu receptor activation is required for synaptic plasticity in dentate gyrus fast-spiking interneurons. PNAS USA 111:13211-13216.
  • Savanthrapadian S, Meyer T, Elgueta C, Booker S, Vida I, Bartos (2014) Synaptic properties of SOM- and CCK-expressing cells in dentate gyxrus interneuron networks. J Neurosci 34:8197-8209.