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Lunch Lectures

Lunch Lectures 2024 -  “SustainAbilities: Research Perspectives beyond Disciplines”

The FRIAS Lunch Lecture Series “SustainAbilities: Research Perspectives beyond Disciplines” aims to address opportunities and challenges of inter- and transdisciplinary research in the field of sustainability. The modern scientific work environment demands innovative concepts and good practices of inter- and transdisciplinary approaches. At the same time, personal exchange about the practical and empirical challenges of these pathways is rare, especially for research projects that combine inter- with transdisciplinary approaches.
In order to initiate this dialogue and share experiences, speakers from various disciplines and contexts will showcase their best practice examples as well as the challenges they encountered. The Lunch Lecture Series focuses on fostering joint reflection, offering new perspectives, and encouraging new cooperation within the research community.
Each presentation will take 30 minutes and will be followed by 30 minutes of discussion and exchange in the FRIAS Lounge.

About the FRIAS Lunch Lectures

The Lunch Lectures are a series of events at FRIAS dedicated to reflection on knowledge, science, and technology in the broadest sense, with a different overarching theme from semester to semester. The language of the lectures is usually English. Following the 30-minute lectures, the audience is invited to participate in an audience discussion.

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