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Prof. Dr. Florian Ivorra

Université de Rennes
External Senior Fellow
Marie S. Curie FCFP Fellow
Februar - Juli 2018


Publikationen (Auswahl)

  • J. Ayoub, F. Ivorra, J. Sebag. Motives of rigid analytic tubes and nearby motivic sheaves, Annales Scientifiques de l'ENS 50, fascicule 6 (2017).
  • F. Ivorra, Perverse, Hodge and motivic realizations of étale motives, Compos. Math. 152(2016), no. 6, 1237-1285
  • F. Ivorra. Perverse Nori motives, Math. Res. Lett. 24 (2017), no. 4, 1097-1131.
  • F. Ivorra, K. Rülling. K-groups of reciprocity functors, J. Algebraic Geom. 26 (2017), p. 199-278.
  • F. Ivorra, J. Sebag, Nearby motives and motivic nearby cycles, Selecta Math (N.S.) 19 (2013) no. 4, p. 879-902.


Motives, nearby cycles and their connections to non-archimedean geometry and birational geometry

In recent years, the development of motivic stable homotopy theory and motivic integration has led to important applications and many new connections between different fields of mathematics such as algebraic and non-archimedean geometry, topology and singularities theory. These developments represent now a very active field of research that led to many new results but also to new problems and exciting new points of view on some older open problems. In this project, I intend to explore connections between non-archimedean geometry, stable homotopy theory, arc schemes and nearby cycles with potential applications to birational geometry and singularities theory in mind.