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Nurgazy Sulaimanov

Applied Mathematics
Group of Cell Communication and Control
Molecular Medicine and Cell Research
Postdoc with Junior Fellow Hauke Busch



Nurgazy Sulaimanov was born in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan) in 1981. He completed his bachelor studies in applied mathematics at the Osh State University and master studies in industrial mathematics at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern. In September 2007, he joined the group of Prof. Dr. Lars Kaderali as a PhD student at the Center for "Quantitative Analysis of Molecular and Cellular Biosystems (BioQuant)" at the University of Heidelberg. In his PhD thesis, he worked on virus-host interactions, where he developed a mathematical model to investigate critical points in the Hepatitis C Virus replication. In November 2012, he joined the group of Dr. Hauke Busch and Dr. Melanie Boerries as a postdoctoral fellow in the School for Life Science - Life Net at FRIAS.



To understand how a cell fate is determined remains to be a major challenge. In this context, Nurgazy will develop mathematical models to dissect the design principles of signaling pathways which play a crucial role in cell fate decisions, based on quantitative measurements from the lab. His long term goal is to investigate mechanisms and control points that regulate cell proliferation, differentiation and migration.