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"Breathwork, life energy and the change of awareness" - Exploring the possibilities and practices of Breathwork

Wann 14.06.2014 um 10:15 bis
15.06.2014 um 20:00
Wo FRIAS, Albertstr. 19, kleiner Seminarraum, 2. OG
Kontakttelefon +49 (0)761 203-3183
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"Breathwork, life energy and the change of awareness"

Exploring the possibilities and practices of Breathwork

Breathwork has been a subject for investigation since the emergence of a conscious mind in man. The concept of a subtle but powerful Life Energy is probably contemporary with the practice of consciously shaping breath instead of allowing it to be only automatic.  The names Chi, Ki, Prana, Libido, Orgon, etc, all describe this constant moving and pulsating essence of life. Breath is always with us and is in constant connection with this vitalizing life energy. Where it comes from and where it goes is a matter of faith and belief. But the way it moves in the body, what builds it up and what affect this has on the body and psyche is knowledge we can acquire through practical experience.

Through mankinds history much has been achieved in understanding and using the Breath. But how can our present society get these benefits for people of today? How can Breathwork nowadays be utilized for health and wellbeing? How can psychodynamic Breathwork open our awareness and offer a wider perspective of ourselves and the world?

This will be presented and discussed during the “Pharmakon” conference and practiced and tried out during the weekend workshop, with breath exercises that raise the energy of life, transmutes emotions, broadens the mind and creates an inner room for acceptance and patience.


Bo Wahlström is born in Sweden but travels in many different countries to share his experience from being a seeker and explorer of human consciousness. As a renowned teacher of Breathwork for more than 30 years, corporate consultant and individual therapist, he is appreciated for his knowledge, empathy, clarity and sense of humor.


Coordination: Hermann Herlinghaus