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Sol Jacobsen

Postdoc with Junior Fellow Florian Mintert


Sol Jacobsen received her BSc (Hons) degree in Physics and Philosophy from the University of York, UK, where she was awarded the University of York's Goodwin Prize for her Honours project in 2005. After a period as a science teacher in Nepal in 2006, Sol was awarded a Commonwealth of Australia International Endeavour Award to undertake a Ph.D. in Tasmania, Australia. Under the supervision of Associate Professor Peter Jarvis she completed her Ph.D. entitled "Entanglement and the Quantum-Classical Transition" in 2010. Her thesis was nominated in 2011 for the Australian Bragg Medal by the Tasmanian Institute of Physics. As a Ph.D. student Sol acted as postgraduate representative on the University of Tasmania's Board of Graduate Research. After completing her Ph.D. Sol spent a period lecturing in Optics, Semiconductor Physics and Science Communication at the University of Tasmania. In September 2011 Sol joined Junior Fellow Dr. Florian Mintert's group in Soft Matter Physics at the Freiburg Institute of Advanced Studies.


FRIAS project

Reversible processes for quantum kinetic networks


Selected Publications

  1. Jacobsen, S.H. and Jarvis, P.D. "Extended two-level quantum dissipative system from bosonization of the elliptic spin-1/2 Kondo model", J.Phys.A: Math. Theor. 44, 115003, 2011.
  2. Jacobsen, S.H. and Jarvis, P.D. "Quantum Dissipative Systems - new and extended models", J.Phys.A: Insight 45422, 2011.
  3. Jacobsen, S.H. and Jarvis, P.D. "Exactly solvable three-level quantum dissipative systems via bosonization of fermion gas-impurity models", J.Phys.A: Math. Theor. 43, 255305, 2010.
  4. Jacobsen, S.H. and Jarvis, P.D. "Regularized tripartite continuous variable EPR-type states with Wigner functions and CHSH violations", J.Phys.A: Math. Theor. 41(36), 365301, 2008.