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Marketing the Market

Wann 22.07.2010
von 09:00 bis 14:00
Wo FRIAS, School of History, Stadtstr. 5, Common Room
Kontakttelefon +49(0)761-203 97377
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Veranstaltungsort geändert! Neu: Stadtstr. 5, Common Room, EG


Konzept und Organisation: Rudolf Kučera
Junior Fellow


Marketing the Market. The Representations of Economic Change in East-Central Europe 1989 - 1993

The fall of centrally planned economies in Central and Eastern Europe in 1989/1990 paved the way for the biggest expansion of liberal market capitalism in its history. The former communist economies were swiftly restructured according to liberal blueprints originating from both the local economic thought and western advice. The workshop should tackle the question of representations of these economic blueprints and their implementation in Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary. The main emphasis will be put on analyzing the ways the concept of fast economic transition towards a liberal market setting was mediated into the public sphere and means that helped it to generate wide public consent and support. By elaborating on the selected empirical examples, the workshop will strive for a comparative, culture-based understanding of the way how the liberal economic paradigm disseminated throughout the region after 1989 and thus contribute to answering the main question, i.e. how was the (post)modern capitalism able to ground itself in the newly emerging post-communist subjectivities.

Programme (pdf-file)