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Call for Applications: Joint Research Groups Freiburg-Strasbourg 2017-19



Third Joint Call for Fellowship Proposals FRIAS and USIAS

The Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS) and the University of Strasbourg Institute for Advanced Study (USIAS) welcome applications from excellent researchers from the University of Freiburg and the University of Strasbourg for up to three joint research groups. The aim of this joint call is to enable highly original joint research combining the strengths of the two universities, and through this to strengthen the links between the research communities in Freiburg and Strasbourg.

The call is part of the European Campus strategy of the two universities []. Integrating five internationally recognized universities in the upper-rhine region, the European Campus strives to foster and support manifold cross-border cooperations in all fields of research.


The Institutes

The Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS) is the international research college of the University of Freiburg. It strives to support high-level research from all disciplines and to strengthen the international visibility of the university. Additional information about the institute can be found at the website

The University of Strasbourg Institute for Advanced Study (USIAS) offers outstanding researchers the opportunity to concentrate on original research projects in all domains, by means of fellowships, seminars, conferences and visiting grants. Additional information about the institute can be found at the website



The call is open for high quality research proposals in all academic disciplines and domains. An application must comprise at least one principal investigator from Strasbourg and one from Freiburg. Participation of one additional researcher from outside Strasbourg or Freiburg is possible; co-applicants from other European Campus-universities, particularly the only Swiss member university, Basel, are particularly welcome in order to strengthen the targeted wider collaboration within the triangle of three neighbouring countries.



The research groups are expected to jointly pursue a research project by combining the expertise of researchers from both universities. Applicants should outline in which way their research project can contribute to the strategic alliance of the two universities, ideally also beyond the duration of the joint project. The proposed project should add to the international visibility of the two universities and significantly contribute to developing and strengthening international networks.

The groups have much freedom to decide on how to best cooperate, but are expected to spend a considerable amount of time together at both universities during the project. The institutes will support the research groups selected concerning outreach activities, such as forming and strengthening international research networks.


Eligibility and selection criteria

Selection criteria are the academic excellence of the applicants, the originality and quality of the project (in terms of topic, perspective, methodology) and the contribution to the strategic alliance between the universities. Former recipients of the joint call programme cannot reapply for three years after the end of their previous project.

The call is directed at researchers of the two universities with substantial research experience. Applicants from Strasbourg should have a tenured position at the level of “chargé de recherche” or “maître de conference” or higher. Applicants from Freiburg should hold a professorship, a junior professorship with tenure option or another permanent academic position. Applicants need to hold a position at their respective university for the full duration of the project.

The successful applicants will become fellows at both institutes for the duration of their project.

The project should start at the beginning of the academic year 2017/2018. The duration of proposed projects can be up to 24 months.

The budget will be need-based, taking into account the vastly differing requirements of different disciplines. Per group, the upper limit is 180 000 € for two years.

The budget can be used for:

  • Project costs, e.g. consumables, equipment travelling (between the two universities and elsewhere if needed for the project), and for organising workshops, conferences, dissemination activities.
  • A post-doc position. It is possible to include a post-doc position in the proposal provided there is a clear rationale for this within the project, and on condition that (a) the post-doc is truly shared between Freiburg and Strasbourg, and (b) the main applicants themselves are collaborating in person in an active and direct way. In the budget proposal, the costs of a post-doc should be estimated at 50.000 € per year if the postdoc will be hired in Strasbourg and 60.000 € if the postdoc will be employed in Freiburg. This is due to the fact that a postdoc contract is less costly in France while the resulting net salary for the postdoc is the same.
  • Successful applicants can ask for a teaching reduction of up to 50 % for a two-year period. This should be indicated in the proposal but not included in the budget plan. The budget implications of teaching reduction will be discussed with the applicants in case of selection.


The final budget plan will be determined together with the successful applicants upon selection; an indication of cost categories and estimated costs per category is sufficient at the time of application. The projects will be jointly administrated by the two institutes.



Applicants are invited to submit a proposal of maximum 6 pages (including references, line-spacing 1.5, font Arial, 11 pt), full CVs (max. 2 pages)  and publication lists (max. 2 pages) for each member of the research group in pdf files, using an online form. The proposals should be written in English and will be subjected to external international peer review. Final decisions will be made by a joint committee from both institutes, including senior researchers from France, Germany as well as from other countries.

Please submit applications (in electronic form) using the website:

Researchers interested in applying are strongly advised to contact either one of the institutes prior to filing their application, preferably by 15 December 2016.



The deadline for applications is 31 January 2017.

Decisions about the fellowships will be announced by mid-April 2017.

The joint FRIAS-USIAS projects should start no later than October 2017.



For more information, please contact

USIAS, Université de Strasbourg:

Dr. Rifka Weehuizen

+33 3 68 85 61 84



FRIAS, Universität Freiburg:

Dr. Carsten Dose

+49 761/203-97404


Information on current (2015-17) and past (2013-15) joint groups  can be found at:



Calculation sheet for preliminary budget proposal


Year 1 (2017/18)

Year 2 (2018/19)






Travel costs FR-STR




Additional travel costs








Conferences, workshops




Dissemination activities




Guest researchers




Additional requests
(please specify)











(max. 180.000 €)


The final budget plan will be worked out jointly between the institutes and the successful applicants.