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Video Podcasts of Freiburger Horizonte Events

Freiburger Horizonte am 28. Oktober 2019: Klimamodelle – Werkzeuge zur Analyse und Projektion von Klimawandel

Freiburger Horizonte - Hans von Storch

At the invitation of FRIAS, Prof. em. Dr. Hans von Storch, meteorologist and former head of the Institute for Coastal Research at the Helmholtz Centre Geesthacht, spoke about various climate models and their areas of application and significance.

Based on a topology of models, von Storch discussed what kind of knowledge the different models generate.

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Freiburger Horizonte on 23. Oktober 2019: Direkte Demokratie – Eine Prämie für Demagogen?

Direkte DemokratiePublic lecture given by Prof. Dr. Gertrude Lübbe-Wolff, jurist and judge at Constitutional Court from 2002 until 2014.

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Freiburger Horizonte on 4. Juli 2019: Alexander von Humboldts Listen. Die Humboltsche Wissenschaft und ihre Ordnungen.

Plakat MainzerPublic lecture given by Prof. Dr. Ottmar Ette, Professor of Romance Literary Studies at the University of Potsdam.

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Freiburger Horizonte on 24 June 2019: "Künstliche Intelligenz – Wann übernehmen die Maschinen?"

Plakat MainzerPublic lecture given by Prof. em. Dr. Klaus Mainzer, founding director of the Munich Center for Technology in Society (MCTS) and TUM Emeritus of Excellence since 2016.

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Freiburger Horizonte January 28, 2019: "Künstliche Intelligenz in Medizin und Neurowissenschaft - Chancen und Herausforderungen

Meyer-LindenbergPublic lecture given by Prof. Dr. Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg, director of the Central Institute of Mental Health (Zentralinstitut für Seelische Gesundheit Mannheim).

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Freiburger Horizonte November 28, 2018: "Der Aufstand der Populisten. Ende der liberal-demokratischen Ordnung?"

JoffePublic lecture given by Prof. Dr. Josef Joffe, the publisher of the weekly newspaper Die ZEIT.

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Freiburger Horizonte on November 27, 2018: "Welche Wissenschaft braucht die Gesellschaft?"

KretschmannPublic lecture given by Winfried Kretschmann, the prime minister of the state of Baden-Württemberg.

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Freiburger Horizonte on October 18, 2018: "Der Mensch als Architekt seiner/ihrer Selbst. Mechanismen und Möglichkeiten kognitiver Selbststeuerung"


Public lecture given by Prof. Bernhard Hommel (Psychology, Leiden University).

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Freiburger Horizonte on November 21, 2017: "Die postmigrantische Gesellschaft – Dynamiken zwischen Akzeptanz und Abwehr von Diversität"

Plakat Horizonte ForoutanPublic lecture by Prof. Naika Foroutan, Migration Scholar at the Berliner Institut für empirische Integrations-
und Migrationsforschung

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Freiburger Horizonte October 24, 2016: "Migration: Global challenges and implications for Germany"

Migration_Oktober 2016Public lecture by FRIAS Fellow Nicola Piper (Migration Studies, University of Sydney) and FRIAS Alumnus Stefan Rother (Political Science, University of Freiburg).

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Freiburger Horizonte April 13, 2016: "Why we are not simply puppets of our genes - an introduction to epigenetics" with Dr. Peter Spork (in German)

FH_Peter SporkPublic lecture by Dr. Peter Spork. The science journalist is author of various books, among them the bestseller „Der zweite Code – Epigenetik oder wie wir unser Erbgut steuern können“.

Concluding presentation of the 3rd Freiburg Epigenetic Spring Meeting


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Freiburger Horizonte December 9-11, 2015: "Heideggers Black Notebooks - Ideological Susceptability of Intellectuals"

Panel discussion (in German)

Heideggers "Schwarze Hefte" - Ideoologieanfälligkeit der Intellektuellen

Opening panel discussion, in cooperation with the Freiburger Religionsgespräche and the Colloquium Phaenomenologicum, Husserl-Archive Freiburg



Magnus Striet, Professor for Fundamental Theology at the University of Freiburg


Prof. Marion Heinz, Professor for Theoretical Philosophy at the University of Siegen

Prof. Rainer Marten, Professor for Philosophy at the University of Freiburg

Prof. Axel Hutter, Professor for Philosophy at the LMU Munich

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Freiburger Horizonte, November 18, 2015: "Towards a Pacific World Order?"

Political and economic developments in the Asia-Pacific and their implications for global politics and German foreign policy

Panel discussion (in English)

Pacific World Order

The discussion focussed on the political and economic development in East and Southeast Asia and its implications for the rest of the world. From an economic viewpoint, the region already represents almost 60% of the worldwide gross domestic product. Similarly, the region is increasingly gaining importance concerning politico-security aspects.



Robert Hetkämper, long standing ARD East and Southeast Asia correspondent and fomer head of the ARD television studio in Singapore


Prof. Amrita Narlikar, President of the German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA), Hamburg

Dr. Volker Stanzel, former German Ambassador to China and Japan

Dr. Michael Reiterer, Senior Advisor, Asia and Pacific Department, European External Action Service

Prof. Jürgen Rüland, Professor for International Politics at the Universität Freiburg and long standing expert for Southeast Asia

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Freiburger Horizonte, July 9, 2015: "Deutschland und die Energiewende - Nationale Herausforderung und globale Chance"

Panel discussion (in German)

horizonte_energiewende juli


Rita Schwarzelühr-Sutter, Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Member of Parliament

Prof. Dr. Eicke R. Weber, Head of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems in Freiburg ISE, Co-Organiser of the FRIAS Research Focus „Designed Quantum Transport in Complex Materials“

Roland Hipp, Deputy CEO and Campaign Manager at Greenpeace Germany

Dr. Thorsten Radensleben, Executive Chairman of the Badenova AG & Co. KG

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Freiburger Horizonte, February 12, 2015: "Deutschland und die Energiewende - Nationale Herausforderung und globale Chance"

Freiburger Horizonte_ToepferPublic lecture (in German) by the former Federal Minister and Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme Prof. Dr. Dr. Klaus Töpfer.

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