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New publication: Out-of-Equilibrium (Supra)molecular Systems and Materials

New book on molecular systems and chemical behavior, resulting from joint research projects at FRIAS and USIAS.

Prof. Dr. Nicolas Giuseppone and Prof. Dr. Andreas Walther, formerly joint Fellows at both the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Study (FRIAS) and the University of Strasbourg Institute for Advanced Study (USIAS), are the editors of the new book Out-of-Equilibrium Supramolecular Systems and Materials (Wiley), published in April 2021. 

We would like to thank FRIAS and USIAS for bringing us together in this constellation”, says Prof. Andreas Walther. “This new publication is a direct result of our joint work during the fellowships.”

In the Out-of-Equilibrium Supramolecular Systems and Materials, a wide range of topics, including self-assembling molecules, molecular machines, complex chemical behavior, and the origin of life are discussed.

It is designed to represent an important reference work, with contributions by top scientists in the field, including Nobel Prize winners.

 Prof. Dr. Andreas Walther          Nicolas Giuseppone
 Prof. Dr. Nicolas Giuseppone       Prof. Dr. Andreas Walther
Written for chemists, physicists, biochemists and material scientists, the book presents a comprehensive overview of the synthetic approaches that use supramolecular bonds in various out-of-thermodynamic equilibrium situations. With contributions from noted experts on the topic, the text contains information on the design of dissipative self-assemblies that maintain their structures when fueled by an external source of energy, and shows pathways towards adaptive and autonomous materials.

To learn more, please feel free to download Open Access Chapter 1 here.