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Linking Migration and Democracy – special issue of “International Migration” co-edited by FRIAS Junior Fellow Stefan Rother

FRIAS Junior Fellow Stefan Rother has jointly guest edited a special issue of the journal “International Migration” with the famous migration scholar Prof. Dr. Nicola Piper from the University of Sydney.

The contributions aim to make an explicit link between migration and democracy/democratization, which so far has been a fairly neglected field in research and even more so in policy debates. The editorial by Piper and Rother argues that migration poses fundamental questions to the definition of democracy: Who is part of the demos and who is not and which rights and obligations are linked to these various levels of membership? Many of the current “hot topics” in migration research such as transnationalism, the assumed deterritorialization of the nation-state, citizenship and voting rights, social remittances, all challenging the “container model” of the nation state, can easily be linked to larger questions of democracy and democratic development.

The contributions address a wide range of topics and levels of enquiry: Tamirace Fakhoury (Lebanese American University, Lebanon) links migration, democracy and the Arab spring and examines the discourse of Arab student associations at the University of California in Berkeley on Arab democratization. Luicy Pedroza (Central European University, Budapest/GIGA Hamburg) discusses the democratic potential of extending voting rights to non-citizen residents. Rother and Piper analyze the potential of migrants rights networks to democratize the regional governance of migration and Carl-Ulrik Schierup, Aleksandra Alund and Branka Likić-Brborić (REMESO, Linkoping University) pose a similar question for the global level: Can a contemporary “countermovement” challenge the precarity of migrants and the democratic deficit in global migration governance?


International Migration, Vol 53(3) June 2015.



Guest edited by Stefan Rother and Nicola Piper

3 Migration and Democracy: Citizenship and Human Rights from a Multi-level Perspective

Guest editors: Nicola Piper and Stefan Rother

8 Transnational Immigrant Narratives on Arab Democracy: The Case of Student Associations at UC Berkeley

Tamirace Fakhoury

22 The Democratic Potential of Enfranchising Resident Migrants

Luicy Pedroza

36 Alternative Regionalism from Below: Democratizing ASEAN’s Migration Governance

Stefan Rother and Nicola Piper

50 Migration, Precarization and the Democratic Deficit in Global Governance

Carl-Ulrik Schierup, Aleksandra Alund and Branka Likić-Brborić