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Director Bernd Kortmann receives Instructional Development Award (IDA)

Director Bernd Kortmann receives Instructional Development Award (IDA)

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On Wednesday evening FRIAS Director Bernd Kortmann received the Instructional Development Award (IDA) from the University of Freiburg. The Award is given to promising projects that show new and creative ways to improve teaching concepts at the University. Each year up to three projects are funded with 70.000 Euros to allow the laureates to realize their idea.

Together with his colleagues Katja Roller and Marten Juskan Bernd Kortmann developed an educational concept of the multimedia teaching and learning platform called FREDDIE. FREDDIE is an educational extension of the existing linguistic collection FRED (FReiburg English Dialect corpus) that was developed at the University of Freiburg between 2000 and 2005. FRED is a database – the largest of its kind worldwide –with transcripts and 300 hours of audio material for dialects of English from more than 40 counties in England, Wales and Scotland.

The online portal FREDDIE will be providing access to the exciting data of FRED and additional materials and many new features such as tutorial videos and scripts. This will allow the students to conduct their own analyses, and enabled them to understand and experience research processes autonomously and in great detail.

More information on FREDDIE can be found here.