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HRRC-Funding approved until 2026

In July 2023, the States of Baden-Württemberg (Germany) and Connecticut (USA) decided positively about the application for a second phase of funding for the “Connecticut/Baden-Württemberg-Human Rights Research Consortium” (HRRC) from 2023 to 2026.

The Human Rights Research Consortium (HRRC) started to work in 2019. It is an international, interdisciplinary and inter-institutional platform to promote and support academic collaboration between researchers and research groups at universities and other research institutions in Connecticut and Baden-Württemberg. FRIAS is the lead institution for the HRRC in Baden-Württemberg, where many universities are participating. The funding sum over the next three years will be around 250.000 € for each state.

Between 2023 and 2026, this will allow working groups and individual researchers to carry out projects related particularly to the topic of ‘Human Rights and Sustainability’, to spread results into education and the public, to support community-engaged scholarship and career development in this field. FRIAS will host HRRC fellows and a HRRC conference in 2025. This will bring new dynamics to a topic of high challenges and importance for future global developments in order to prepare social justice-oriented roadmaps for the future while ensuring that marginalized voices are given their due consideration.