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FRIAS NEWS 12 published

The 12th issue of the FRIAS NEWS with the title "CREATING SPACE FOR RESEARCH" has just been published.

As indicated in the title, the NEWS give insights into different forms of research cooperation at FRIAS. Furthermore, they report the latest developments at the institute.

A portrait of the current FRIAS Research Focus "Membrane Trafficking in Ageing and Disease" reports the work of the group, which has set itself the goal of developing a better understanding of fundamental biological mechanisms of cellular cleaners in order to create a foundation for new treatment approaches that make healthy ageing possible.

In the series "Portrait" a joint research group of scientists from Freiburg and Strasbourg working on long-term memory mechanisms are introduced, as well as the young research Julia Elsky, who focusses on Jewish emigré writers in occupied France. Furthermore, the NEWS present a "bottom-up" initiative of some FRIAS-Fellows, who have started a working group on the topic of "Inequality".

Moreover, the NEWS give an overview of past events within the framework of the succesfully started "Freiburger Horizonte" and latest numbers on fellows, publications and other key figures of the institute. The series "News" reports on the formation of the FRIAS Steering Committee and the Scientific Advisory Board. As always, the issue closes with an outlook on further events at FRIAS.


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