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Bringing researchers together: new NetIAS online conference series

The “European NetIAS Lecture Series: Borders” is about to start

Since the early days of the Corona crisis, FRIAS has been trying to make a virtue of necessity: Forced to find other ways of connecting with our fellows than the traditional face-to-face meetings, we integrated video conferences into our community life. And we are not the only ones: The benefits of connecting across countries and time zones have been widely recognized, Zoom, Skype and other videocall solutions have never been more popular.

The Network of Institutes for Advanced Studies (NetIAS) shares our belief in digital technologies as a huge boost for easy and sustainable communication. Founded in 2004 with the aim of stimulating a dialogue between IAS and fostering international communication, the network consists of 25 institutes all across Europe – among them, of course, FRIAS.  Creating a space for scientific and intellectual exchange and establishing an international and multidisciplinary learning community are key elements of the NetIAS philosophy that reach a new level with the possibility of conferring online!

This philosophy is the foundation of a lecture series the network has now called to life and which is open not only to all partner institutes and its fellows but also to everyone interested in international research. As a part of the network, FRIAS is happy to invite you to its brand-new Lecture Series which is about to start on June 4, 2020, for a first season: In seven lectures, held on Thursday in June and Juli, fellows currently working in NetIAS institutes in Bologna, Paris, Helsinki etc. and coming from different disciplines from History to Microbiology will illuminate different aspects of “Borders”.

The lectures start each Thursday at 4 pm and will end at 5 pm and will be held on Zoom.

For more information including the Zoom data, please have a look at the official program.