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FRIAS Lunch Lectures

"Science and Society in a Postfactual Era" 2020

LL "Science and Society in a Postfactual Era" Kachelbild

"Models and Modelling" 2019/20

Lunch Lecture Series "Intelligences" 2019

LLS Intelligences Präsentation.jpg

"Ignorance - what we don't know" 2018

LLS 2018

"Ignorance - what we don't know" 2016

Ignorance - what we don't know

"Paradigm Shifts in Science" 2015/16

Stamp Paradigm Shifts

Lunch Lecture Series "Shifting Perspectives" 2018/19

LLS Shifting Perspectives

"Quantitative vs. qualitative methods" 2017/18

Lunch Lectures 17/18 Lupe

"Fear" 2017

fear 2

"Challenges of an Ageing Society" 2016/17

Stamp Challenges of an Ageing Society