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FRIAS Reflections with Javier Martinéz-Torrón

Prof. Dr. Dr. Javier Martinéz-Torrón
Law, University of Madrid
Recorded on March 10, 2021

Book Launch: COVID-19 Y LIBERTAD RELIGIOSA (Covid-19 and Religious Freedom), ed. by J. Martínez-Torrón and Belén Rodrigo Lara 

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all areas of social life, including the law. Some of the problems caused by this pandemic are new, especially in matters of science and public health. In other areas, however, it has not in reality brought up new questions but rather unprecedented circumstances in which it is necessary to deal with already familiar questions. This is what has occurred in the legal arena, where the COVID-19 has served to cast new light on how our legal systems face issues that are fundamental in our notion of the rule of law and become manifest with particular clarity in moments of crisis. This book is conceived as a first contribution to the legal challenges that governmental measures adopted to fight the pandemic raised with regard to fundamental rights, with particular reference to freedom of religion or belief. The book takes a perspective of comparative law, for global problems cannot be studied from a strictly national point of view. A total of 28 authors analyze the measures adopted in 17 countries of Europe and America, giving the reader the opportunity to identify significant analogies and differences between countries that share the essentials in the conception of public freedoms and the relation between State and religion.