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FRIAS Reflections

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A key element of FRIAS community life is the informal intellectual exchange across disciplines, which we foster not only in our academic colloquia but also in our lecture series, such as the popular After Hours Conversations or Dinner Speeches. In short informal presentations and talk our researchers are encouraged to share ideas concerning topics of their researcg areas, thoughts on current developments within their disciplines or in academia. Most of all, these talks are not also providing intellectual input, but serve as a opportunity to socialize and to enjoy the fun sides of academia. 

The Corona crisis with its various contact regulations makes this informal exchange quite difficult. For that reason, FRIAS estsbalished a new digital format, our "FRIAS Reflections" series that continues in virtual space what is currently not possible within our FRIAS venue. We are more than happy to host speakers sharing their ideas on certain aspects of the current crisis and its implications as well talks that grant insights into a specific area of study.

If you missed a talk, you can (re-)watch our video podcasts of our FRIAS Reflections series.

Lunch Lecture Series @FRIAS Reflections

The FRIAS Lunch Lectures Series are dedicated to reflecting on knowledge, science and technology in the broadest sense. Each semester introduces an overarching guiding question, by current FRIAS Fellows from the point of view of their disciplines. Due to the current contact limitations during the Corona pandemic, the Lunch Lectures are integrated into the FRIAS Reflection Series, which takes place on Wednesday, 3 pm, and can be accessed via Zoom.