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Language and Interactional Spaces

Wann 16.11.2009 um 09:00 bis
18.11.2009 um 18:00
Wo FRIAS Seminarraum, Albertstr. 19
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Organisers: Prof. Dr. Peter Auer, Dr. Anja Stukenbrock

Internal / Junior Fellow of the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies


Workshop II: Language and Interactional Spaces

Dates: 16.-18.11
16. - 18.11. Seminarraum FRIAS

Thematic foci

When humans participate in focussed interaction, they create an interaction space. This is achieved, first of all, through their visual behaviour (body movements, posture, gaze, gesture). This space provides shelter for the interactional episode which develops, although its boundaries are not impermeable (sideplay, etc.; a typology is given by Goffman). Interactants adapt to the physical surroundings but are not constrained by them. Interaction spaces also have an impact on perception: within such spaces, monitoring is intense, while the space beyond the interaction space is not visible or only monitored peripherally. Participants can establish visual domains of scrutiny by identifying spaces inside or outside the interaction space (a typical example for the latter is route direction giving). This is usually accomplished by forms of deixis, i.e. by a specific coupling of gestural and linguistic means.
The meeting will address the following questions:
-    How are interaction spaces construed in face-to-face interaction?
-    How are interaction spaces construed in other, electronically mediated forms of interaction, such as on the internet, in machine-supported communication, or in the mass media?
-    How are perceptional spaces outside or inside the interaction space identified and maintained by the use of deixis?
-    How do special tasks and special environments (e.g. surgery, flight control) have a bearing on the ways in which interaction spaces are organised?

In addition to linguists, the meeting will include anthropologists and sociologists.





FRIAS Workshop: Language and Interactional Spaces
November 16-18, 2009


Monday, November 16
09:30 Introduction: Peter Auer
Martin Hilpert
Anja Stukenbrock

Benedikt Szmrecsanyi

10:00 Connector report:
Connector report:
Connector report:

Cornelia Müller (Frankfurt/Oder)
Monica Heller (Toronto)
Gisela Fehrmann (Bonn)

11:00 Position paper:

Heiko Hausendorf (Zürich)
On the interactive achievement of space - and its
possible meanings

12:00 Lunch break

Session 1: Face-to-Face Interaction

14:00 Research paper:

Charles Goodwin (UCLA, Los Angeles)
Topologies for Interaction

15:00 Research paper:

Adam Kendon (Naples, Philadelphia)
Utterance address, address reciprocals and spatial
orientational frameworks in co-present interaction

16:00 Coffee break

16:30 Research paper:

Jürgen Streeck (Austin)
Plaza de la Trinidad: Ecology, Community and Interaction
in a Colombian “plaza”


Tuesday, November 17


Session 2: Face-to-Face Interaction (continued)

09:30 Position paper: Elwys de Stefani (Bern)

Rearranging (in) space. The perception and accomplishment of spatial configurations in interaction

10:30 Research paper:

Cornelia Müller (Frankfurt/Oder)
Gesture-Space in Interaction

11:30 Coffee break

12:00 Research paper:

John Haviland (UCSD, San Diego)
Metaspace: spatial concepts in a spatial modality

13:00 Lunch break

Session 3: Interactional Spaces – Special Environments and Special Tasks

15:00 Position paper:

Lorenza Mondada (FRIAS)
Interactional space and the study of embodied

16:00 Coffee break

16:30 Research paper:

Susanne Uhmann (Wuppertal)
Teamwork in the interaction space “abdomen”. On the
multimodal and collaborative embodiment of the operative
field through linguistic, gestural and surgical practices


Wednesday, November 18


Session 4: Electronically Mediated Spaces of Interaction

09:30 Research paper:

Michael Beisswenger (Dortmund)
Reference spaces and spatial reference in synchronous
written communication on the internet

10:30 Research paper:

Marco Jacquemet (San Francisco)
Between Referentiality and Indexicality: The
Transidioma of Social Networking Websites

11:30 Final discussion

12:00 Farewell