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Challenges of an Ageing Society - 2016

Henriette_HerwigDue to better living conditions and health care systems in western countries we observe increased life expectancies of respective populations. With age, disease incidents also increase and individual fitness decreases, generating higher costs and bearing high socio-economic risks for western societies. Whereas, historically, aging has been regarded as a personal matter, ageing societies are nowadays regarded as a threat for our way of living. Thus, ageing societies and their implications are discussed in virtually all disciplines, ranging from medicine and natural sciences to economy, philosophy and ethics studies. Within the FRIAS Lunch Lecture Series an interdisciplinary approach will be taken bringing together experts from all of the above mentioned fields. The goal is to give a comprehensive overview of the Challenges of Ageing Societies.

In this Lunch Lecture mini-series during the summer term 2016, FRIAS has invited renowned scholars and scientists who have addressed questions including the following:
Which are the clinical challenges of an ageing society? What will our society look like in the year 2100? How is ageing discussed and regarded in different societies and eras? Which challenges may arise in communicating with old people? Is our health care system close to collapse due to increased health care costs of the ageing society? Which implications does the recruitment of nursing staff from our eastern European neighbors has on our relationship to these countries?

June 2, 2016


Repräsentationen von Alter und Demenz in der Literatur der Gegenwart

Prof. Dr. Henriette Herwig (German Studies)

Video-Podcast of the lecture

June 16, 2016

System-Medizin des Alterns

Dr. Melanie Börries (Medicine)

Video-Podcast of the lecture

June 30, 2016

Internal Defense Strategies against Age

Dr. Pierre-Louis Tharaux (Medicine)

July 14, 2016

Arzneimitteltherapie im Alter: Polypharmazie und Arzneimittelsicherheit

Prof. Dr. Klaus Aktories (Pharmacology)

Video-Podcast of the lecture