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FRIAS Calls for Applications with a total volume of up to 1.2 million Euro
For the academic year 2016/17, FRIAS offers fellowships, project groups and junior researcher conferences for researchers from Freiburg and abroad within the framework of 5 different programs. Outstanding early-stage researchers and established professors from the University of Freiburg and abroad are invited to apply. With its funding formats FRIAS supports top-level research at the University of Freiburg.
FRIAS Junior Researcher Conference - New Philosophical Perspectives on Surveillance and Control: Beyond the Privacy versus Security Debate
Issues of surveillance and control have been discussed since the threat of terrorist attacks and the NSA scandal shook our basic sense of security. Surveillance is a key instrument of administrative power. It allows states, organisations and private companies to gather information and exercise social control, resulting the privacy vs. security dilemma. On the one hand, techniques of surveillance and control allow for more effective risk management. On the other hand, they threaten the very fabric of social and democratic life.