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Report on the BFF8: Electronic and Excitonic Transport in Soft Matter


Report on the BFF8: Electronic and Excitonic Transport in Soft Matter

Organized in Schluchsee on a beautiful lake in the Black Forest from October 10th to 14th, the BFF8 workshop brought together about 60 top international scientists. The conference participants are leading researchers in conjugated semiconducting materials and are interested in deciphering their electronic and excitonic transport properties.

The BFF8 workshop succeeded in covering the whole spectrum of organic optoelectronic material science both from the experimental and the theoretical points of view. The focus was on scientific problems related to absorption of photons, dynamics and kinetics of newly excited states, charge separation and transport with respect to molecular conformations and morphology. Another aspect of the workshop dealt with the fabrication of organic devices.

Taken together the BFF8 gave all participants the possibility to learn about both the latest advances in the field as well as important challenges that need to be overcome in the future.

The workshop’s poster session as well as formal dinners and coffee breaks stimulated constructive discussions and therefore had a significant added value for all concerned, making BFF8 a highly successful scientific event.

Ioan Botiz