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Black Forest Focus on Soft Matter 8:
Electronic and Excitonic Transport in Soft Matter

Date: 10-14 October 2012

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For more information please contact Silke Trötschel (Conference Secretary)


Location: Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten (, Schluchsee, Black Forest, Germany (close to Freiburg)

Electronic and Excitonic Transport in Soft Matter

The workshop will focus on the design and processing of (semi)conducting soft materials, mechanisms of electronic and excitonic transport in soft matter systems, and the interplay between structure and properties with a particular eye on new directions for the improvement of soft matter based devices. The presentations and discussions will cover

  • molecular design, synthesis, and self-assembly of soft functional materials (molecular and supramolecular structures, nanocrystals, polymers, carbon nanostructures, biomaterials, hybrids).
  • mechanisms of electronic and excitonic transport (diffusion, quantum coherence, mobility, charge separation) and their relationship with molecular structure and supramolecular organisation.
  • fabrication and processing of soft materials into functional devices (FETs, solar cells, OLEDs).