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Sally Thomason, Shana Poplack

Wann 16.03.2009
von 10:00 bis 19:00
Wo FRIAS Seminarraum, Albertstr. 19
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Kolloquium mit Sally Thomason (Michigan) und Shana Poplack (Ottawa)



10:00: Sally Thomason (FRIAS)
Contact-induced language change: Sociolinguistics vs. historical linguistics?

In studying language change, sociolinguists and historical linguists address the issues from very different perspectives. Sociolinguists focus on ongoing change; historical linguists study past changes. At least in part because of this difference in perspective, it sometimes seems as if the two groups of scholars are talking past each other rather than to each other. In this paper I'll argue that the respective sets of data should in fact permit compatible analyses, because any viable theory must surely encompass both synchronic variation and diachronic change.

11:00: Shana Poplack (Ottawa)
Finding contact-induced change on the ground: Is the present the key to the past?

Under the uniformitarian principle, the natural processes that operated in the past are of the same nature as those that can be observed in the present. So contemporary situations of intense contact should yield the same kinds of change (in progress) as those reported in the historical record. Most change originates in spontaneous speech, but speech is characterized by inherent variability, and this may be confounded with change. In this talk I detail a method, combining the machinery of variationist sociolinguistics with the comparative method of historical linguistics, for identifying change and ascertaining its source (internal or contact-induced).  Illustrating with two situations of intense, long-term contact between French and English in Canada, I present a series of case studies illustrating the utility of this approach and explore the implications of the findings for understanding the existence, nature and extent of contact-induced change.

12:00: General discussion

13:00: Lunch break

14:15: Bernd Kortmann / Benedikt Szmrecsanyi (FRIAS)
Language contact and the complexity of grammars

15:00: Christian Mair / Dagmar Deuber (Freiburg, English Linguistics)
Creole contact-influence on Jamaican English:
A comparison of current trends in spoken and written usage

15:45: Göz Kaufmann (Freiburg, German Linguistics)
Spanish-Portuguese Language Contact in South America: How to measure the competence in two closely related languages?

16:30: Coffee break

17:00: Katja Ploog (Freiburg, Romance Linguistics)
Language contact and favourite forms in the structuring process
(French on the Ivory Coast)

17:45: Sibylle Kriegel (Aix-en-Provence) / Ralph Ludwig (Halle)
Some reflections on scalar terms in contact linguistics
and the example of Mauritian communication