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"Metaphor and Ideology"

Wann 21.06.2010 um 14:00 bis
22.06.2010 um 12:00
Wo FRIAS, Albertstr. 19, großer Seminarraum
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Gastredner: Zoltán Kövesces, Andreas Musolff und Frank Polzenhagen


Recent metaphor theory has increasingly looked at the way in which the use of metaphorical language subtends our political, cultural and personal views about the world. George Lakoff and Andrew Goatly, in particular, have studied how violence (the ARGUMENT IS WAR metaphor) and racism are endemic to our most common ways of talking. The workshop "Metaphor and Ideology" is meant to bring together three prominent representatives of current cognitive metaphor theory and to delve more deeply into the ramifications of the metaphor -- ideology link.
Zoltán Kövesces, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, is most widely known for his “Metaphor: A Practical Introduction” (2002, 2nd ed. 2009). He has been particularly interested in the study of emotions. Among his other major publications are: “Language, Mind and Culture” (Oxford UP, 2006); “Metaphor in Culture” (Cambridge UP, 2005) and “Metaphor and Emotion” (Cambridge UP 2000).
Frank Polzenhagen (Heidelberg) is a specialist of world Englishes, but has also written on the connection between cognitive linguistics and cultural studies and on cognitive linguistics and ideology (in the “Handbook of Cognitive Linguistics”, ed. Dirven/Wolf 2007).
Andreas Musolff (Univ. of Durham, UK) is the author of “Metaphor and Political Discourse” (Palgrave, 2004) and of “Metaphor, Nation and the Holocaust” (Routledge, 2010). He has also worked on the discursive manifestations of terrorism.

The workshop will be organised around the presentations of these three guests with ample discussion time and a longer workshop discussion on Tuesday morning.

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Monday 21 June

15.00 Opening
15.15-16.00 Andreas Musolff (Durham)
  Title to be determined
16.00-16.45 Frank Polzenhagen (Heidelberg)
  "Kinship conceptualisations in models of politics and of the state"
16.45-17.30 Discussion
20.15 KG I, HS 1098
Zoltán Kövesces (Budapest)
  "Metaphor, ideology, and context."



Tuesday 22 June

9.00-12.0 Workshop with Zoltán Kövesces