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Institution oder Individuen? Die Delegation oberster Staatsautorität im Europa der Frühneuzeit

Wann 30.06.2011 um 18:00 bis
01.07.2011 um 18:00
Wo Kath. Hochschule, Karlstr. 63
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Konzept und Organisation: Leonhard Horowski, Junior Fellow

“Institutions or Individuals? Delegated personifications of highest-level state authority in Early Modern Europe”

The last decades have seen historians of the early modern state’s development shed a number of teleologies, anachronisms and narrow focuses. Research on early modern statehood has broken free from its traditional fixation on the absolutist, bureaucratic and national state as well as from exclusive concentration on legal concepts or the history of political ideas. Instead (or ideally, on top of this), historians have emphasised the continuing relevance of  personalised modes of power by analysing, e.g., the ties of faction, clientelism or vassalage, the role of provincial estates or patrimonial jurisdictions. The specific problems of composite monarchies have been addressed, while courts and ceremonial have been recognized as, respectively, the market places and the language of power, and social history has improved our understanding of continuity or change in the composition of the power élite. Yet just because all this has shown how slowly, how reversibly and with how little inevitability modern European statehood grew out of older personal associations, the old question of which factors enabled and conditioned this process can profitably be asked anew.

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