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Marlene Bartos receives ERC Advanced Grant

The European Research Council awards 2.5 million euro funding to former FRIAS Director Marlene Bartos

Prof. Dr. Marlene Bartos, member of the FRIAS directorate from 2015 until 2017 and professor at the Institute of Physiology I at the University of Freiburg, will receive a 2.5 million euro Advanced Grant from the European Research Council (ERC).

The aim of the ERC’s Advanced Grant is to give established academics the opportunity to undertake high-risk research projects and to break new scientific ground. Bartos’ project will examine the functional role of inhibitory nerve cells in the formation of memory traces and in the control of cognitive behavior.

For more information on Marlene Bartos and her work, see the article “The strength of the minority” in the University magazine uni’leben or read the press release