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Lunch Lecture @FRIAS Reflections ready for round 2

With two more lectures, our lunch lecture series is to continue soon

Lunch Lecture Series Part II: Society and Science in a Postfactual Era

The values of science are under attack. The world is increasingly turning to science and technology to find solutions to persistent socio-economic and development problems. But at the same time, many people - from concerned citizens to powerful stakeholders - are losing confidence in science in the face of "alternative facts" or "post-truth". Science-based arguments are devalued, which becomes a problem not only for the scientific community but also for democratic societies that rely on rational discourse and evidence-based decision-making.

From a normative point of view, attention to and compliance with the ethical and legal standards of science are crucial for building trust in science among policy makers and the public. In this lecture series, we will (1) outline how science-based argumentation and decision making is threatened and (2) how emerging digital technologies are fuelling postfactual and irrational discourse in society and (3) explore concepts and ideas, such as the "right to science", that could strengthen science as a central principle for democracy, human prosperity and sustainable development.

The Lunch Lectures are a series of events organized by FRIAS that are dedicated to the reflection on knowledge, science and technology.


Christopher Coenen
Attacks on Reason: Democratic Discourse in a Time of Information Warfare

July 15, 2020, 3 pm - Zoom meeting

Armin Grunwald
Scientific policy advice: myths and truths about facticity for shaping the future

July 22, 2020, 3 pm - Zoom Meeting