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FRIAS Lunch Lectures: Start of a new lecture format in summer term 2014

FRIAS Lunch Lectures: Start of a new lecture format in summer term 2014

Foto: Hanspeter Trefzer

As of the summer term 2014, FRIAS introduces a new lecture format, the FRIAS lunch lectures. Every second Thursday, beginning on May 8, these lectures will take place in lecture hall HS 1015 in the Kollegiengebäude  I (KG I) from 12:15 - 1 p.m..

The aim of this lecture series is to offer both undergraduate and graduate students and, essentially, everyone interested a first-hand account of the research projects of the current External Fellows at FRIAS. Thus, content and mode of presentation of these lectures is designed to meet the interests and needs of a wider audience. The Fellows’ fields of research and, specifically, their research projects at FRIAS, will clearly stand at the centre of each lecture, but  research topics of related interest and more general issues of conducting science may also be addressed (if not in the lecture, then in the ensuing discussion). The FRIAS lunch lecture series is offered to anyone interested in what is going on at Freiburg University’s Institute of Advanced Study.

The first FRIAS Lunch Lecture on “The Farthest Watch of the Reich: National Socialism and Ethnic Germans in World War II” will be given by Dr. Mirna Zakić (History Department, Ohio University) on Thursday, May 8.


Please find the program for summer term and further information for the single lectures here.