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Paradigm Shifts in Science - 2015/16

Buhmann_LLA paradigm, according to the historian of science Thomas Kuhn, is a set of practices that defines a scientific discipline at any particular period of time. For him, a paradigm is not constituted primarily by theory, but defined by "universally recognized scientific achievements that, for a time, provide model problems and solutions for a community of practitioners” (The Structure of Scientific Revolutions1962). This involves such key issues of scientific research as defining the object or problem of investigation, the questions to be asked, predictions to be tested, methods to be used, results to be interpreted, etc. Furthermore, according to Kuhn, all sciences have been, and continue to be, subject to fundamental changes and re-evaluations, resulting in paradigm shifts which may ultimately trigger scientific revolutions.

In the current Lunch Lecture series, FRIAS Fellows from the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural and life sciences will address questions including the following: Which paradigm shift(s) has the relevant discipline experienced in the course of past 50 years? What was their nature, which basic assumptions did/do they challenge, which effects did/do they have? To what extent has technological progress, notably the digital revolution, contributed to that? Are paradigm shifts in the humanities and social sciences of a different nature than in the natural and life sciences? Can paradigm shifts involve scientific progress? To what extent can new paradigms incorporate elements of old paradigms?

The FRIAS Lunch Lectures 2015/16 have dealt with these questions in a range of lectures. Speakers included fellows from various discipline such as political science, physics, Islamic studies, mathematics and more.

October 22, 2015                      


Paradigm Shifts in Linguistics

Prof. Dr. Bernd Kortmann (Linguistics) and Prof. Dr. Peter Mühlhäusler

November 5, 2015

Paradigm Shifts in Physics

Dr. Stefan Buhmann (Physics)

Video-Podcast of the lecture

19. November 2015

The Ontological Turn in Contemporary Political Theory

Dr. Benoit Dillet (Political Science)

Video-Podcast of the lecture

03. Dezember 2015

Humanities Beyond the Human: The Ecological Turn in Literary Studies

Prof. Dr. Kate Rigby (Literary Studies)

Video-Podcast of the lecture

17. Dezember 2015

Paradigm Shifts in Economics

Prof. Dr. Riccardo Leoncini (Economics)

Video-Podcast of the lecture

21. Januar 2016

From the Study of Islam to the Study of Muslims - Paradigm Shifts in Islamic Studies

Prof. Dr. Johanna Pink (Islamic Studies)

Video-Podcast of the lecture

04. Februar 2016

Paradigm Shifts in History

Prof. Dr. Franz-Josef Brüggemeier (History)

Video-Podcast of the lecture

28. April 2016

Paradigm Shifts in Neurosciences?

Prof. Dr. Ad Aertsen (Neurosciences)

Video-Podcast of the lecture

12. Mai 2016

Paradigm Shifts in Electronics

Prof. Dr. Ilia Polian (Informatics)

Video-Podcast of the lecture

09. Juni 2016

Paradigm Shifts in Mathematics

Prof. Dr. Stefan Kebekus (Mathematics)

Video-Podcast of the lecture

23. Juni 2016

Paradigm Shifts in Biology: From Descriptive to Automated Biology

Prof. Dr. Robert Murphy (Computational Biology)

Video-Podcast of the lecture

21. Juli 2016

Paradigm Shifts - The View from Science Studies

Prof. Dr. Veronika Lipphardt (Science Studies)

Video-Podcast of the lecture