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Self-Optimization as Core Competence

Self-optimization implies the regulation of one´s behavior and of the human body, aiming to make them effective, efficient, and enduring.  Self-optimization can be regarded es a human core competentce. This project group will take initial steps towards reflecting theories of sustainable self-optimization. To this end, fundamental concepts and processes will be discussed. Empirical findings about the mechanisms of selfoptimization will be used to systematize intra- and inter-individual variability with regards to self-optimization abilities in the skills area. We will focus on different aspects of self-optimization with regards to performance, health/well-being and social skills for different life phases and groups of individuals. We will further investigate self-optimization as a governmental tool that serves very different ends (e.g. improving the individual life) and that is specifically  shaped by ideologies and economic, psychological etc. theories of the global north.

Organisers of the Project Group