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Junior Researcher Conferences 2014/2015

08. - 10.10.2014

Nonlinear Spectroscopy Meets Quantum Optics

Frank Schlawin (Physics, Freiburg University)
Manuel Gessner (Physics, Freiburg University)

>> Conference Website

14. - 16.01.2015

Translocal Spartial Practices, Urban Transformations:
Migration and Mobile Urbanism in South and South-East Asia

Kirsten Hackenbroch (Environm. Social Sciences/Geography, Freiburg University)
Stefan Rother (Southeast Asia Research, ABI, Freiburg University)
Tabea Bork Hüffer (Asia Research, National University Singapore)

>> Conference Website

04. - 06.02.2015

From Silicon Sensors to Full Detector Systems

Susanne Kühn (Physics, Freiburg University)
Kristin Lohwasser (Physics, DESY Zeuthen)

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18. - 21.03.2015

Bild-Erzählung-Kontext - Visuelle Narration in Kulturen und
Gesellschaften der Alten Welt

Elisabeth Wagner-Durand (Archaeology, Freiburg University)
Barbara Fath (Archaeology, Freiburg University)
Alexander Heinemann (Archaeology, Freiburg University)
Daniel Erbrecht (Archaeology, Freiburg University)

>> Conference Website

16. - 18.04.2015

Hetereodoxy and tradition: Conflict and Dialogue in
ancient Pagan and Christian Philosophy

Angela Ulacco (Philosophy, Freiburg University)
Dr. Albert Joosse (Philosophy, Freiburg University)

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Overview of the conferences held by junior academics in 2013