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ENTFÄLLT --- Lunch Lecture - John Nerbonne

Are the Digital Humanities per se quantitative in nature?

Prof. Dr. John Nerbonne
University of Groningen 

Humanities Computing 

Are the Digital Humanities per se quantitative in nature?
Wann 01.02.2018
von 12:15 bis 13:00
Wo University of Freiburg, Kollegiengebäude I, Room 1015
Kontakttelefon +49 (0)761 203-97362
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The answer to this question is clearly negative, and for the record I'll show some examples in non-quantitative digital humanities, at least in scholarly editing in philology and in searching older texts. I'll nonetheless argue that the most interesting progress is being made in quantitative studies of texts -- stylometry -- including authorship identification and authorship profiling but also the "distant reading" of literature, following Franco Moretti and Matt Jockers.  The "macroanalysis" approach aims to characterize literary groups -- episodes, genders and nationalities, and there is no alternative to quantifying.