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How Traditions of Economic Thinking Shape Economic Policies

Economic policies are arguably shaped by economic doctrines as much as they reflect the self-interest of politicians and there constituents. This research project scutinizes a number of policy areas in Germany, Japan and the Eurozone in an attempt to identify the economic script books followed by policymakers and to assess their suitability for the respective problem at hand. We cover policy areas extending from monetary policy to sovereign debt management and social policy. Investigating the influence of economic thinking on policy inevitably requires the adoption of a historical perspective, comprising both economic history and doctrinal history, to determine whether and how historical experience can inform policy choices made today. Bringing together the expertise of German and Japanese researchers allows a fresh outside look at doctrines that may have a particular tradition in either country. In addition to learning from the past, we look forward to an opportunity to learn from each other.



  • Naoki Fukuzawa (Nagoya University)
  • Yasuhiro Doi (Nagoya University)