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Socio-ecological Diversity

Diversity in socio-ecological systems plays a significant role for sustainable development. At the same time and driven by processes of globalization, diversity is currently lost or reduced across various societal and ecological domains (biology, agriculture, language, institutions, technology etc.). The research group seeks to better understand the functionality of diversity within and across the various domains of socio-ecological systems, ranging from land-use to religious, language or societal practices to technological and policy applications. The core objective is the interdisciplinary conceptual reflection on socio-ecological diversity as a highly relevant, but ambiguous concept. The immediate result will be a published book on the subject “Reconstructing socio-ecological diversity traits for sustainable development”. 


Dr. Sebastian Gölz

Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy systems ISE

Head of Team User Behaviour and Field Trials


Prof. Dr. Benno Pokorny

University Freiburg

Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources

Chair of Silviculture


Prof. Dr. Uta Reinöhl

University Freiburg

Linguistic Seminar

Chair of General Linguistics


Prof. Dr. Bernhard Spielberg

University Freiburg

Insitute of Practical Theology

Department I, Section for Pastoral Theology