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Nasrollah Moradi

Postdoc with External Senior Fellow Sauro Succi and
Junior Fellow Francesco Rao


Since May 2012
Postdoc at FRIAS

Dec. 2008 - Apr. 2012
Ph.D. student in "Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation" (ICAMS), Ruhr University Bochum, Germany
Title of thesis: Lattice Boltzmann simulation of droplet dynamics on solid surfaces
Advisers: Prof. Dr. Ingo Steinbach and PD Dr. Fathollah Varnik

Oct. 2005 - Jul. 2008
M.Sc. in (solid state) physics, Shiraz University, Iran

Oct. 2001 - Jul. 2005
B.Sc. in (atomic and molecular) physics, Kerman University, Iran


FRIAS Project

Lattice-Boltzmann approaches to water at the microscopic level


Selected Publications


  1. N. Moradi, A. Greiner, F. Rao, S. Succi: Lattice Boltzmann implementation of the three-dimensional Ben-Naim potential for water-like fluids;The Journal of Chemical Physics, 2013; 138, 124105.
  2. N. Moradi, F. Varnik, I. Steinbach: Contact angle dependence of the velocity of sliding cylindrical drop on flat substrates, Europhysics Letters 95, 44003, (2011)
  3. N. Moradi, M. Gross, F. Varnik, G. Zikos et al.: Morphologies of small droplets on patterned hydrophobic substrates, Modelling and Simulation in Materials Science and Engineering 19, 45005, (2011)
  4. F. Varnik, M. Gross, N. Moradi, G. Zikos et al.: Stability and dynamics of droplets on patterned substrates: insights from experiments and lattice Boltzmann simulations, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 23, 184112, (2011)
  5. M. Gross, N. Moradi, G. Zikos, F. Varnik: Shear stress in nonideal fluid lattice Boltzmann simulations, Physical Review E 83, 17701, (2011)
  6. N. Moradi, F. Varnik, I. Steinbach: Roughness-gradient-induced spontaneous motion of droplets on hydrophobic surfaces: A lattice Boltzmann study, Europhysics Letters 89, 26006, (2010)
  7. M. Barati, N. Moradi: Study of the specific heat of a hydrogenic donor impurity at the center of a spherical quantum dot in contact with a heat reservoir, Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience 6, 1709–1713, (2009)
  8. M. Barati, N. Moradi: The effect of space dimensions on a generalized hydrogen-atom specific heat in the generalized Boltzmann-Gibbs statistics, International Journal of Theoretical Physics 47, 1954-1965, (2008)
  9. M. Barati, N. Moradi: Inconsistency of the hydrogen-atom with β ->β transformation in Tsallis statistics, Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 387, 2455-2461, (2008)