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Alexey Kopyshev

Postdoc with Junior Fellow Svetlana Santer


Dr. Alexey Kopyshev graduated from Sankt-Petersburg State University (Russia) in 2001 with a degree Master of Science in Biophysics with topic “Interaction of DNA with synthetic polymer polyallylamin in solution with different ionic strength”. In 2002 he joined the AFM group (Dr. Svetlana Santer) at the Chair for Chemistry and Physics of Interfaces (Prof. Dr. Jürgen Rühe) at IMTEK as a PhD student. He received his PhD in November 2006 from Freiburg University with the thesis "Motion of nanoparticles by/on polymer brushes". From December 2006 to December 2008 he joined the AFM group (Dr. Elena Mena-Osteritz) at the Institute of Organic Chemistry II and Advanced Materials (Prof. Dr. Peter Bäuerle) at the Ulm University as a postdoctoral fellow. Since January 2009 he is a postdoctoral fellow in the School for Soft Matter Research at FRIAS in AFM group of PD Dr. Svetlana Santer.

FRIAS Project

His work in the FRIAS concerns with thin photosensitive azo-polymer films either covalently attached to a solid surface (photosensitive polymer brushes) or simply physisorbed. During irradiation with interference grating of these films, their form so-called surface relief grating (SRG) following the intensity distribution of interference pattern. We study how the SRG formation depends on molecular parameters of the films such as polymer molecular weight, chemical composition, grafting density, concentration of azo-groups and so on.


Selected Publications

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