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Jochen Kieninger

IMTEK - Department of Microsystem Engineering
Postdoc with External Senior Fellow Andreas Manz



Jochen Kieninger studied physics and micro system technology at University of Freiburg. He received his diploma in 2003 (“Dipl.-Ing. Mikrosystemtechnik.”). Afterwards he worked at the Laboratory for Sensors (Prof. Gerald A. Urban), where he became head of the group "Sensors for cell culture monitoring & micro technology. 2009 he joined the School of Soft Matter Research of the Freiburg Institute for Advanced Studies (FRIAS) as a Postdoc of Prof. Andreas Manz.


FRIAS Project

Stem cell differentiation is a major research activity in biology, particularly in view of possible uses for organ or tissue reproduction, or for medical treatment. Technical tools for this research are to be developed. The main focus is the continuous monitoring of metabolic parameters in different types of stem cell cultures. The motivation for this project is to get a better insight in cellular processes as well as to establish a set of tools for standardization of cell culture experiments.